Increasing Trend of Gluten Free & High Fiber Baked Products | Biscuits and Bakery Manufacturers

Indian Biscuits exports

The Biscuits and Bakery Manufacturers industry is paying increased attention to consumers seeking gluten-free products. In fact, sales of these products are at the peak. In baked goods, gluten is a critical functional component. Food manufacturers are responding more to the incredible demand for gluten-free products and are attempting to develop gluten-free food items such […]

Taste of India: Why to Import Indian Biscuits?

India biscuits exporters

Mexico Food Importers, with a total staff contingent of only six employees aim, is to manufacture fortified biscuits for the South American Government School feeding program. This high-energy biscuit is currently being used widely throughout the Eastern Cape and is a flagship product in various governmental school feeding funds. The product has been a commendable […]

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