From Soil to the Foil- The Rise of Chocolate Industry in India

Are you a chocoholic? Yes, you heard it right. India is a nation of chocoholics, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you are one. The chocolate industry in India has come a long way. The Indian chocolate industry has been witnessing tremendous growth regarding value as well as volume. According to recent research, the per […]

How Food Manufacturers In India have an edge over others?

The food market in India is expanding like never before. The Food Manufactures in India are able to make a huge profit as India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. Be it any kind of industry like the chocolate industry in India, biscuit industry most of them have earned huge […]

The secrets about contract manufacturing only a handful of people know

Contract manufacturing is referred to as when a manufacturer contracts with a firm to manufacturer components, products or any part where manufacturers desire to get in contact with.   When a contract manufacturer wants only to perform packaging operations, he is then often referring to as copacker or contract packer. Food exporters are now inclining […]

5 Interesting Confectionery Industry Trends In India

Confectionery Exporters in India

India is one of the largest snack markets in the world, and right now, is unsurprisingly drowning in sugar and chocolate. As we explain further, the snack market valued at around a billion dollars a couple of years ago is a burgeoning domain spurred by the confectionery industry’s rapid growth. There were 8000 new confectionary […]

Advantage India – Behind The Success Of The Indian Biscuit

Indian Biscuits Exporters

If you pull back the curtains and look deep into the evolution of an industry, receiving praise from outside the region of operations always brings out the real worth of the industry. Biscuits comprise around 33% of the Indian bakery industry production, signifying the reach and the infrastructure created by biscuits manufacturing companies across the […]

How cookies manufacturers in India mastered the art of baking


Baking over the years has gained many synonyms it’s no longer Grandmother’s best-kept secret, it’s now science and even art. I hope you remember the day when you used to wait eagerly for every festival so that they could bake homemade cookies and everyone could grab their hand on it. The times have changed over […]

“Bakemate” The ideal name for a picnic snack box


A picnic is something we all love. But, do we know what this term means? Well, Picnic is a snack eaten outdoors especially in open air surroundings like parks, open-air theaters, backyards, lakeside or any other place which offers an enthralling sight.   Picnics are meant for daytime and are held outdoors hence it becomes […]

All you need to know about Wafer Manufacturers in India

If one thought a chocolate factory would be like Willy Wonka’s in Charlie having chocolate Factory, with flowing chocolate rivers in which you can dip, well, it’s anything but that.   We all love this – “feel good food“ and consume it almost every day.   A wafer is a dry, crispy and crunchy thin […]

Surprising Facts About The Confectionery Industry


Did you know that the confectionery giant, Mars, a force to reckon with in the confectionery industry are the makers of the much-loved M&Ms? Not just that, this is the real kicker. The lip-smacking hard candy with chocolate filling in the center was born out of a requirement to supply to soldiers during World War […]

Trends About Chocolate Manufacturers That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

Chocolate Manufacturers3

Let’s face it, we all love chocolates! Isn’t it? Do you know – Cocoa is produced from a seed of tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Its cultivation is at least three millennia old which dates back to around 1100 BC. The chocolate market is governed by big international giants. Through expansion and franchisee, chocolate manufacturers are […]

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