Taste of India: Why to Import Indian Biscuits?

Taste of India: Why to Import Indian Biscuits?

India biscuits exporters

Mexico Food Importers, with a total staff contingent of only six employees aim, is to manufacture fortified biscuits for the South American Government School feeding program. This high-energy biscuit is currently being used widely throughout the Eastern Cape and is a flagship product in various governmental school feeding funds. The product has been a commendable success in the local government’s strategy to increase the nutritional intake of scholars. The success of the Mexico Food Importers range and feedback from their customers endorsed the appreciation of biscuits in the South African market.

It quickly became evident that there was an excellent opportunity to manufacture additional lines for sale to the general public, which is when the Mr. Gustavo made the growth of his company his priority. He started exploring the option to decrease daily efforts and increase sales, fine-tuning processes, sourcing equipment and exploring additional business opportunities. With a limited budget, it was challenging to streamline all the operations, use additional equipment and recruiting more staff, the expansion of their brand and the development of custom biscuits according to the specifications of the clients was proving challenging. They soon realized that this strategy was expensive and unsustainable in the long term, which resulted in the discovery of Bakemate, India.    Since partnering with Bakemate, Mexico Food Importers has nailed some genuinely exceptional metrics by having a wide range of biscuits, wafers, and confectionery to be offered to their customers by increasing their sales from 6000 $ to 18000 $ within five months.

India ranks second worldwide in farming

India has a history of Agriculture which begins back in Indus Valley Civilization Era and even before that in some parts of India. India is the seventh largest agricultural/horticulture exporter worldwide and the sixth largest net exporter. With this advantage, the cost of raw materials go exponentially down and hence reducing the overall production cost, which was in stark contrast to the paid-heavy approach that Mexico Food Importers was trying to move away from.  India exports agricultural and processed foods to more than 120 countries, primarily in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, SAARC countries, the EU and the United States. Fascinated by the idea of importing Indian biscuits, Mr. Gustavo looked further into the all-in-one capability of the Bakemate and realized that it could facilitate the company to build a sustainable business without the need to burn through the budget with in-house manufacturing.


Low labor cost in India continue to enhance cost competitiveness 


Labour costs are always a vital contributor to decisions around potential foreign investments. The basic salary per annum in India is the lowest in the Asia Pacific countries across all job grades promoting India’s emerging reputation as being a cost-competitive labor market in the area. When we consider manufacturing wages, India has remarkable lowest rates which on an average is just $0.92 per hour, as opposed to $3.52 per hour in China. India’s relatively low cost of labor is one of the most substantial incentives for importing Indian Biscuits.


Bakemates’s quest to produce best biscuits, cookies, and confectionary combined with a focus on skilled labor to emerge as top Indian biscuits manufacturing destination is giving it an edge of manufacturing at a capacity of more than 500 Tons per month. Bakemate’s production planning, supply chain management, quality, and maintenance contribute to their higher productivity. The strength of Bakemate’s infrastructure is a significant component of logistics that influences manufacturing of Indian biscuits giving a substantial impact on the success of the supply chain. Bakemates technical ability of factories and the skill level of the workforce continues to dominate the production capacity and labor cost savings from which Mexico Food Importers could benefit by importing Indian Biscuits.


Today Mexico Food Importers is a dynamic, well-established company. After partnering with Bakemate and importing Indian Biscuits, they are distributing good, well-known brands across South Africa. Bakemate has helped Mexico Food Importers achieve this standing through comprehensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of Indian biscuit manufacturing industry, from the initial concept and creation of crackers, cookies, wafers, and confectionery through to how to please the end user. Mexico Food Importers product range is a market leader regarding innovation, packaging, and quality.


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