All you need to know about Wafer Manufacturers in India

All you need to know about Wafer Manufacturers in India

If one thought a chocolate factory would be like Willy Wonka’s in Charlie having chocolate Factory, with flowing chocolate rivers in which you can dip, well, it’s anything but that.


We all love this – feel good food and consume it almost every day.


A wafer is a dry, crispy and crunchy thin type of biscuit that comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Wafers can be used with ice-creams, chocolate bars, and cookies


Wafer making is not made of the romantic stuff but is a scientific process. Wafer manufacturing process starts with baking process.


Thin wafer sheets are made and baked in ovens until it becomes crisps. Then the wafer sheets are moved forward on the belt where a creamy layer of chocolate or flavored cream is smacked on it and from above second wafer sheet is placed immediately. This process is repeated to add more layers of wafers. This wafers are then processed under controlled conditions and cut precisely into two-finger or four-finger wafers.




These wafers are then coated with chocolate or flavored cream using a specially designed molding process and then cooled. Finally, your wafers are packed in packets and shipped to various retailers and wholesalers and made available to you in multiple shops.

Overview of  the Indian biscuit industry


  • Biscuit industry contributes over Rs. 8,000 crores to FMCG industry and provides huge opportunity for growth
  • per capita consumption of biscuit in India is 2 kg, and it is increasing day by day
  • Indian biscuits started gaining popularity in the 20th century when the urbanized society of India start getting ready-made food products at affordable price.
  • Earlier biscuits were assumed as ” sick man’s food.” But now it has become the favorite snack of every age group.
  • Biscuits became everyone’s favorite as it is tasty, cholesterol free, easy to carry and reasonable in cost
  • Maharashtra and West- Bengal holds the maximum biscuit consumption in India
  • The rural sector of India consumes around 55% of biscuits in the bakery products
  • Apart from big biscuit giants, there is more than 150 medium to small biscuit manufacturing factories in India.


According to FBMI (Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers in India), a growth of 15%  per annum will be achieved by Indian biscuit manufacturers in the next 10 years.


Growth of the Industry in India

  • After 2005, India is the largest producer of biscuits in the world after China and USA.
  • Annual growth of Indian biscuit industry is around 14-15%
  • Exports of biscuits are estimated approximately 15% of the annual production, while Imports of biscuits in India has not shown any significant growth.


Demonetization has not affected this Industry much


Where demonetization has negatively affected other sectors, the chocolate industry seems to be saved from its impact. Some of the major chocolate manufacturers have seen revenue growth despite of demonetization in India. Revenue of Mondelez has seen 0.6% growth while Hershey’s revenue grew by 20% in Q4.


Why this sector is flourishing in India




  • Increase in disposable income
  • Huge potential as low per capita consumption
  • Attractive pricing
  • Huge varieties
  • Chocolate gifting prevailing
  • Developing a taste for dark chocolates
  • Diversification and innovation is continued in this sector
  • Consumers are shifting towards convenience food
  • Increasing urbanization
  • Changing consumer lifestyle and increase in spending power




  • Rise in cocoa prices
  • High entry barriers
  • High import and excise duties

Few statistical data to understand this industry more:

1. Classification

indian-biscut-industry 3


2. Choice of types of Biscuits



3. Value contribution of biscuit categories

wafer industry

4. Market contribution


5. Annual Production





6. Frequency to eat biscuits by Indians

wafer manufacturers



Wafers have been a famous globally but now its getting preferred in India too. With this, wafers manufacturers in India will also improve their process and introduce new varieties. We all are in for yummy times ahead!

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