How cookies manufacturers in India mastered the art of baking

How cookies manufacturers in India mastered the art of baking


Baking over the years has gained many synonyms it’s no longer Grandmother’s best-kept secret, it’s now science and even art. I hope you remember the day when you used to wait eagerly for every festival so that they could bake homemade cookies and everyone could grab their hand on it. The times have changed over the years. Now cookie is no longer something which is relished on special occasions it’s something everyone eats on a daily basis


Fun Fact “The first cookie was baked in Persia in the 7th Century AD “


1. Grass Root


Indian cookies Manufacturers today have created a name for themselves. India being an agricultural country it has its expertise in producing a top quality of rice and wheat. After rice, wheat is the most critical grown cereal in India. Nearly 26 million hectors are used in the swooning of wheat in India every year which produce more than 72 million tons of wheat each year, thus making India the most preferred market for wheat in the world.


When the basic raw material availability is in surpluses, and when you have the best quality available, Indian cookies manufacturer will always have the advantage. The demand for consumption has seen an increase over the years. A recent study showed that the cookies consumption in India stood at $ 3.9 billion in 2016, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.27%, in value terms, during 2017-2022, to reach $ 7.25 billion by 2022.


2. Indian Shining


Keeping this in mind Indian cookie manufacturers have now adopted state of the art installations which can soon meet the demand and keep the cookie business running. Having the best of both advantages of surplus supply and the fully automated industry it’s now attracting the MNC’s for contract manufacturing and exporting.


India is the preferred destination for all the foreign and international food manufacturing companies to get in contact with the Indian cookie manufacturers and export it from them. The fact that the low cost of the raw material and low cost of conversion regarding labor has always attracted the clients.


This trend is soon catching up in India, and now we have manufacturers from various food division like chocolate, wafer, and confectionaries who are preferring India as their whole and sole manufacturer. With this, the Indian cookie manufacturers have also become quick in learning and adopting their techniques and implementing them in their industries. The knowledge sharing part is vast regarding tradition baking and modern baking food technologies.


Fun Fact 2 “There are more than 130 varieties of cookies around the world with different names.”


3. Food Technology


Every scientific research into food technologies is getting updated with new technologies. The primary object of this is to increase the shelf life of the product so that cookie manufacturers have maximum gain by the production and there is less wastage. This has to start at the very beginning of preparing preservatives so that it supports the end product. With the rise of organic foods in its peak food scientists, today are capable of getting and developing more natural ways to prepare preservatives that’s are long lasting and healthy.


4. Consumer behavior


Consumer behavior with food and food technology was not very common to talk back in the days. Now with the awareness of health and other factors, the consumer now becomes aware of the quality and standards of the food. Knowledge and health benefits come first for consumer these days, and that’s where the cookies manufacturers have to be innovative and the products more innovative.


5. Health cookies


Indian cookies manufacturers are not far behind in making healthy biscuits and cookies. With consumer getting more and more conscious about their health the cookie manufacturers have to give them what is required. The awareness is in every age group so the manufacturers today are looking at a new era and are keeping themselves on the toes with all the aspects.


Concluding to this Cookies have arrived in India and not going anywhere. With India now a contract manufacturing and Export hub for almost all the food manufacturing companies abroad its time you give it a try and increase your food chain.

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