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Biscuit exporters and manufacturers


We are specialist manufacturers and exporters of indulgent cookies. We bake using top quality ingredients and pay considerable attention to detail to deliver our fabulously tasty variety of cookies that our international customers will love!



Our delicious varieties of wafers are made using traditional baking techniques and only the finest ingredients we can source so that you get the best tasting wafers every time. We love to create something for everyone.

Biscuit exporters and manufacturers


We have grown into one of the largest Biscuit exporters and manufacturers creating family value everyday biscuit classics supplying to a wide range of customers worldwide. Our passion lies in tradition and in using the best ingredients to bake the tastiest products we can. Bakemate Biscuit Manufacturing has broken all the stereotypes.



Our wide range of Confectionery products are developed by highly experienced food technologist to ensure consistency profoundly in quality and output and significantly baking the highest quality confectionery and savoury products.

Our Specials

Sugarfree Cookies

Keeping healthy and being fit is the trend all over the world. As a food manufacturing giant, we always have that in mind. We do a lot of research and development for this segment and make sure we deliver the best of the best. Making something as tasty as a cookie and still not calorific is not everyone’s gig.

That’s why we have Bakemate Sugar free Cookies where we have mastered the art of creating a cookie which promises to deliver what you choose for your lifestyle. A carefully crafted cookie which is healthy and tasteful in every bite you have.

People around the world have appreciated our efforts and given their word of appreciation to our sugar-free products, so here it is For all the wellbeing cognizant individuals who have a soft spot for treats, don’t be disturbed. Bakemate Sugar-Free treats is the correct decision for you. Eat healthy remain solid

Best Seller

Shot Bread

When sugar, flour, butter meets the most experienced institution who knows cookie making for over two decades, it produces one the most sort of cookies in the world. We present to you Bakemate Short Bread cookies.

Short Bread cookies have earned its reputation for being the most talked about product in the international market. The freshly baked batches of cookies give a mouth-watering experience just by the look.

Take a bite and indulge in the feeling of being in Scotland. Bakemate’s shortbread cookies have mastered the art of preserving the heritage of Scotland and winning their hearts.

Best Seller

Crisp Whisp

The wafer is described as a Slim, Crispt Biscuits especially designed to eat with ice cream. This particular product has now gained a unique position in the food sector. It’s a different league altogether. When it comes to Wafer manufacturing in India is a Bakemate is considered the Industry Leader.

We in Bakemate over the years have mastered the art of making the best wafers in the market which is appreciated both in the domestic and international market.

The taller, the better and that is the thing that children influenced us to do. Bakemate Crisp Whisp wafers are so prominent with the children over the world that they perceive Bakemate Crisp Wisp in thousand items.

Best Seller

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